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What’s Going On?

Published by: Rus Hunt, CFP® Date: September 15, 2015

Is the market volatility that we are currently experiencing a correction, a downturn, a crash? In one form or another I have heard that question often over the past few months. I do not know when the next bear market for stocks will occur but it will certainly happen. It will be followed by a bull market, another bear market, a bull market, bear market, and on and on it will go.

I have also been receiving a lot of unsolicited email from various financial organizations warning of an imminent market crash. The common theme seems to be that they have a system to predict when the crash will occur and also exactly what to do to profit from it, protect your assets, etc. Unfortunately, their concern for me and my money does not come without a price. To receive this special, inside knowledge I have to pay for it – buy their book, subscribe to their newsletter, watch their long video and then subscribe to their newsletter or invest in their mutual fund. It is entirely possible that what they offer is full of great advice, information and perfect market predictions. Most likely it is full of something else.

I believe the best response to this noise is to ignore it. Focus on what you can control. Does your investment plan take the inevitable ups and downs of the market into account so that you will not react emotionally to those changes? If not, then you should focus on developing a plan that does.

A well formulated plan will allow you to avoid reacting to market changes but to respond according to your plan. If you need help, find an advisor who is more interested in understanding your goals and concerns than in selling you a product. Work with them to establish a plan and to help you stay disciplined within that plan when anxiety, greed or fear compel you to make poorly timed decisions.

Rus Hunt, CFP® is a Financial Advisor with Rather & Kittrell. He is available at